I love...

The excitment of leaning in but not giving in until you feel that pull in your soul saying go. Your soul went ahead before your body and meeting up is more natural than you thought it'd be.

But life, it's more like...

Turning in your bed in the restless kinda way because you're antsy to get up and do what you truly do. And what you truly do is what makes your heart flutter like an arrythmia. So you cant sleep because you're longing. And then you fall asleep and when you wake up.... It's noon and you're rushing to make it on time. No time for what you truly do so you're sleeping in the restless kinda way again. And Again. And Again.

Yes. Yes I got it wrong. Let me rephrase life.

Pedal to the metal. Going in 30 km/h. time runs out. Pedal to the metal. Going in 30 km/h but to everyone else it's like lightning but to you? it's 30 km/h. Whiplash into a sleeping state. But it's really like lightning...


Gasping for air eventough you're above the surface. Watery eyes and hand like pressure on your neck. Emptiness and heavy nothingness.


Unicorns. Just one word. Unicorns. It's so right that you'll believe anything coming flowing towards you.

But today...

It's a canvas and I have to tell myself to just do it. Don't wait. And why wait. What am I really waiting for? paint the canvas now. If I dont do it it'll remain blank... That is not why I want.

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