jiddrar lite eller vad man nu ska säga.

Do you see me as an incogntion?
Am I a creature in your mind
Am I only a dream, part of a scheme
Hold on to me and we'll see

Im just a creature in your mind
You cant tell what real or make believe
maybe this is a dream
but if it is I'll show you a great one next time

I stepped onto the platform
altough it was your livingroom
I was satisfied with the passengers
next stop "Illusion" said the messengers

I can breath If I hold my breath
cause there's warm milk within the snowflakes
Are we laughing yet?
I cant tell but a goodbye is all it takes

Im plastic inside but it's just what you need
something other than the daily lies
If you hold on tight we can plant the seed
tomorrow you'll hear a dream you won't despise
Postat av: Plättan

Du är så duktig! :D Vad var det för fel på din blogg förut föressten?

2008-11-10 @ 14:10:05
URL: http://plaettan.blogg.se/

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